10 Albums That End On A Cliffhanger

More Questions Than Answers.

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The idea of writing a good album isn't all that different from creating a movie. As much as the mediums seem dissimilar, each of the auteurs try their best to tell a unique story through their work and try to give the audience food for thought along the way. Then again, not all stories tend to have the tidiest of endings all the time.

Across every genre of music, some of the best albums tend to leave the listener hanging for more, building steam just as the record is starting to get into new territory. Is this a bad thing though? Not at all. In fact, most of these records keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end to make sure that you are hanging on every single word they say.

Whether it's through the distinct final chord or the abrupt tempo switch in the finale, these kind of endings leave you with more than a few unresolved questions by the end of their runtime.

Though it can be frustrating not knowing the outcome of these records, they do keep you longing for more by the time you're finished and make you want to respin them again and again. They're frustrating and even a little bit scattered in places, but they may just be the reason why other artists try to step up their game.

10. Camp - Childish Gambino

Ever since he first started his career, Donald Glover always seemed to be ahead of himself. Aside from his stellar stint on Community, his first handful of EPs as Childish Gambino seemed like it was building towards something bigger than your standard hip hop bangers. Just when we thought we were actually going to get an answer on Camp, That Power put everything on pause.

Across this album, you can hear Donald slowly settling into his groove, pulling bits and pieces from artists like Kanye West and Lil Wayne and morphing it into his unique nerdy experience. Though songs like Bonfire were already fairly decent, the final track ends with a dialogue of sorts, as Donald starts to drone on about a girl that he met while he was at summer camp. After being dissed by her and hung out to dry, the entire song talks about sitting on a bus and still not having come off.

At first, this just seems confusing, until you listen to the material that came out directly afterward. Instead of the normal succinct route, That Power acts as a sort of interlude to connect the listener into the storyline of Because the Internet, which would surface just a few years later. Although you can listen to this track on its own and be satisfied, the only way to see into Glover's mind is to dig a little bit deeper.

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