10 Albums That Killed Artists' Careers

Nothing would be the same again.

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For many artists, all it takes is one album to put them on top of the world. Whether it's your first time up to the plate or the result of years of hard work, bands have fought tooth and nail to make their work better than the rest. Then again, it also takes just one album to see it come crashing down.

Arriving at the low point in these artists' discography, these are the albums that mark the beginning of the end for any more good music. It could come from a drastic change in sound or just a lackluster delivery, but these artists have not been able to recover from the performances that they turned in on these albums.

The kicker is that some of these albums aren't even really bad. In fact, some of them stand up as some of the best work of the band's career, but these records may have had a hand in the band's downfall by setting the bar a little too high.

A lot of these acts have done phenomenal work, but these are the records where you knew things weren't going to be the same. It was fun while it lasted, but here's where everything starts to run out of gas.

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