10 Albums That Turned Out Nothing Like You Expected

The unheralded classics! The unexpected genre shifts! That one Lou Reed record everyone hates!


Some albums can never hope to live up to fan expectations.

Perhaps the record is years in the making, or the follow up of an unexpectedly huge hit. Regardless of the context, plenty of albums are doomed to be disappointing long before they are even unleashed on the world. After all, Yeezus could have literally led to the second coming of Jesus himself, and it still wouldn't have been My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Other albums were always going to blow away fans and critics. Maybe it's because the artist never enjoyed much success with critics before and as such expectations are low for their new release, or maybe it's just because they'd had a while out of the limelight and the fact that they're back guaranteed anything passable would receive a fond reception.

But some albums, whether good or bad, signaled a huge shift in an artist’s sounds and aesthetic, and this fundamental change was one no one could have predicted. Some of the albums on this list were immediately adored whilst others were abhorred. Some have been vindicated by time, whilst others were well liked at the time and are now considered the beginning of the end.

But every one of these ten was an unexpected release that changed an artist's sound for good, turning out nothing like fans expected them they would.

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