10 Albums You Loved As A Teen (But Should Never Listen To Again)

When teenage angst becomes grown-up embarrassment...

Fred Durst Limp Bizkit WrestleMania XIX

Nostalgia-fuelled listens to tunes of yesteryear can stir powerful feelings of sentimentality. Their catchy choruses can take you back to those summer holiday mornings spent browsing the net, chatting on MSN/AOL Messenger and sorting out plans with friends. Their melodies can whisk one away to treasured family trips abroad, or make you think of an old lover who has become a distant memory.

Or, in some cases, they can make you cringe hard and wonder what the hell you were thinking.

Everyone has those classic albums that collect dust in their cupboards or brains. When they suddenly pop back into view after years of neglect, it's possible a childish yelp of excitement will suddenly burst out. What better way to relive those halcyon days of youth is there than throwing on some songs you loved years ago? Beware the risks, because it's not always a fun trip down memory lane.

These are all albums released in the mid-to-late-90s and early-2000s that you should avoid listening to in their entirety. If you do pop them on in 2019, you'll find that they're not quite the track-by-track musical masterpieces you remember...

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