10 Amazing '80s Bands That Everyone Forgot About

9. ‘Til Tuesday

The massively underrated new wave outfit ‘Til Tuesday may not be a household name, but the band and its collaborators included some massively influential figures into the ‘90s indie scene and beyond. Much soughtafter composer Jon Brion was their touring guitarist, and power-pop maestro Matthew Sweet collaborated with the band. Most notably, Aimee Mann got her start as the band’s vocalist, and went on to enjoy a career that very much overshadowed their discography.

While ‘Til Tuesday lacks the timeless quality of Mann’s solo work, the sweet and subtle pop is a fine counterpoint to the sharp suits and underlying irony that makes up much of the new wave scene. Even their biggest hit “Voices Carry” is a relatively laid back tune, a song of simultaneous deep longing and cautious reserve.

All three of their albums are worthwhile, but the debut, while the most ‘80s of the bunch, packs the greatest sparkle and sheen. It couldn’t help but be overshadowed by the era’s bigger, brasher bands, but these carefully crafted tunes burrow deep.

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