10 Amazing Follow Ups To Classic Albums

The Sequels That We Wanted.

David Bowie Aladdin Sane

Having a successful album in your arsenal might be a bit of a double edged sword for some musicians. As much as you might seem like you're on top of the world at the moment, what do you do when the everglow stops?

Well, the sequel is never as good...but it can come damn near close to it though.

Though most of these records can be considered a bit of step down from the artists' previous material, they still hold up as fantastic records unto themselves. Regardless of the amount of torture it may have been trying to capture the magic one more time, these artists managed to reach deep within themselves and provide a totally different experience for fans to chew on in the meantime.

From a completely different sound to repeating the formula even better the second time, this was more than just the shallow cash ins that you see time and time again when artists try to make lightning strike twice.

Hell, some of these came so close to perfection that they even managed to give the classics a run for their money in the process. Either way, these were the records that proved that you would be hearing from these guys for much longer than a passing fad.

10. Kid A - Radiohead

As Radiohead faced a new decade, it sounded like they were about to be the new leaders of rock and roll going forward. Ever since grunge's corpse stopped twitching at the end of the decade, the massive sonic landscape of OK Computer felt like the future of rock already, so all they had to do was keep up their creative streak. Though these British lads were able to remain titans of rock, they did it by delivering the polar opposite of standard rock and roll.

Recorded after the Computer tour dates wound down, Kid A was as clinical a piece of music as you could expect out of Radiohead, trading in a lot of the righteous guitar riffs of their previous effort for densely packed synthesizer parts and glitchy effects that made Thom Yorke sound nearly robotic next to everything else. As much as this kind of thing seemed off putting at first, things started to take a different course once we realized what we were listening to.

By moving outside of everyone's collective comfort zones, Radiohead made a masterpiece with Kid A through taking the standard rock tropes and distilling them down into the most hollow and uncomfortable soundscapes ever created, like it was ripped straight out of an old school horror movie. While Kid A might take a minute to grow on you, it might also be the reason why rock was even relevant in the next decade.

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