10 Amazing Metal Bands That Totally Defy Genre

6. Loathe

If you took the metallic hardcore of Code Orange and the melodic nu metal of classic Deftones and shoved them together, the end result would be the sublime Liverpudlians Loathe, who are currently shining as one of the UK’s most aggressive but also charismatic bands.

Truly, there is nothing out there quite like this monumental quintet, who – alongside similarly brilliant contemporaries like Currents, Shields and Our Hollow, Our Home – are doing great work separating metalcore from the emo teen-angst-dispenser that it was disparaged as in its mid-2000s heyday.

The youngsters are still riding high off of their eclectic debut album The Cold Sun and are also currently tag-teaming with this list’s number ten entry Holding Absence not only on the sensational, if brief, This Is as One EP, but also on an upcoming co-headline tour which is set to blow rooves off of clubs all over the UK and Europe.

If you’re based in a town that this dynamic duo is set to level to the ground, you would be doing yourself a real disservice by missing out on Loathe and Holding Absence, who, together, are the undeniable future of British rock.

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