10 Amazing Musicians We Lost In The 2010s

These fallen stars may be gone, but their music lives on.

© Tomasso DeRosa/Corbis

True musicians tend to display a piece of themselves in their work that their audience can really identify with. As such, it's a strange predicament for music fans when an artist dies.

At the best of times, the world seems to shine a bit brighter after hearing their music. Once they have departed from this plain of existence, that vicarious feeling between fan and artist seems to be a bit stifled as a result.

While the music will live for generations to come, let's take a look back at the artists that we have lost this decade. These artists not only pushed the boundaries of what music could be, but showed their fans unique songwriting approaches that helped inspire modern music as we know them.

And though there are many tragic deaths from artists who did not make this list, it does not cheapen their contribution to music. These are just a few example of artists that have left their stamp on the music world as a whole.

May their lights continue to shine for many more decades.

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