10 Amazing Rock Albums We Never Got To Hear

Potential Classics That Became a Pipedream.

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Most rock fans can only see their favorite albums at face value. For as much as critics like to drone on and on about what their favorite acts could have sounded like, it all really comes down to the album that you have in front of you. Then again, there are also those projects that fell through the cracks.

Since the greatest artists are always working, there are always those albums that sound amazing that the artists never get around to making. Whether it's a vast concept album or a return to roots record, these records never managed to see the light of day like they should have. Why though? Well, despite the amount of passion which may have been put into the songs, the circumstances surrounding it just might not have made for the greatest overall experience. Sometimes it comes down to a business decision, other times it just comes down to collaborations just falling through the cracks due to scheduling conflicts.

Either way, these records had the capacity to blow musical minds, only to be left on the cutting room floor. Rather than looking at the vast body of work from our favorite artists, let's take a look at the badass songs we could have gotten instead.

10. Slipknot / Velvet Revolver

There aren't that many supergroups who can actually be considered all that super. For as much as people might not like to admit it, putting your favorite artists together onto one record doesn't really mean that sparks will fly automatically. While Velvet Revolver was originally an exception to this rule, the grungy sounds of Scott Weiland could have been replaced with something even better.

Before the STP frontman actually got to working with Slash and Duff McKagan, their pursuits for a singer eventually led them to Corey Taylor, who was just making waves off of the success of Slipknot. While Stone Sour was also making the rounds with songs like Bother, Taylor was still undercover enough to play as a relative unknown among the newly minted rock legends. Though Taylor has said how much of a fanboy he was during rehearsals, there were some riffs that happened which never saw the light of day.

Deciding to use Weiland's gnarly bass register, most of Corey's work with the band was put in a vault, with neither party having time to get around to it given their time in their own respective outfits. Then again, with Slash saying that Velvet Revolver has some unfinished business to attend to, maybe it's time that we finally get the metal-tinged rock and roll that we were always waiting for.

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