10 Amazing Rock Songs By Pop Artists

9. Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson

The entire rise of Kelly Clarkson was the moment where some of the hardened rock and rollers started to swear off modern pop music. Since she got her big break off of American Idol, how is she going to work in the actual world of pop music where you have to pay your dues? In those few months under the eye of Simon Cowell though, Kelly managed to come out with a lot more teeth on Since U Been Gone.

The whole reason why this song works though isn't because of the backing band. As much as the guitar crunch may have given the song some legitimacy back in the day, the real power behind the song is Kelly's voice, which works wonders when playing off the harsh (by pop standards) guitars in the background. If you didn't know any better, this is the kind of track that would work a lot better for someone like P!nk than the person who sang Because of You.

That has more to do with Kelly's natural voice. Though she wowed the judges with her softer voice, her strength has always been in her ability to belt, and this is just the kind of song that plays to the best side of her voice. The newer version of Kelly has seen her on pure pop mode for the most part, but not too many would be complaining if she went back to this style either.


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