10 Amazing Songs That Artists Hate

Fun To Listen To...Absolute Murder to Play.

sweet child o mine

It goes without saying that musicians at least like the music they're playing. While some songs might shine brighter than others, there's always that little spark of magic that keeps you coming back for more. Then again, even the biggest musicians in the world aren't necessarily in love with their own stuff.

Throughout the years, plenty of musicians have come out with their fair share of bad songs. However, many artists don't tend to see the potential of their own material unless it's in hindsight. Compared to the more forgettable material in their catalog, these classics were originally panned by their writers for one reason or another. While some may have thought that their songs simply lacked potential, there are others who absolutely despise having to create these songs. It ends up stinging that much more once the tracks achieve legendary status, meaning that the artist in question has to play it over and over again whenever they go out on tour.

As opposed to being one big party, these are the few songs that the actual writers consider to be a chore to have to play over the years. Regardless of their questionable taste in their own material, that hasn't stopped any of these songs from blaring over loudspeakers for years now.

10. Shiny Happy People - R.E.M.

As the '90s started to blossom, it seemed that the time had come for R.E.M. to truly take over. Despite having a bit of a slow start on the college rock circuit in the '80s, the new era of alternative music was perfect for the band's unique brand of infectious pop hooks and unconventional lyrical themes. Then again, sometimes you just want to coax on easy mode like on Shiny Happy People.

Looking to write a more commercial song, this little ball of sunshine from Out of Time is one of the most radio-friendly singles these alt-rock gods ever put out. Though they may have been looking to make a pop crossover, Michael Stipe ended up immediately regretting this decision once the song started to really blow up. Since this sounded pretty much nothing like the R.E.M. of old, the amount of happy energy just seemed redundant the more times they played it.

Not even the guest feature from Kate Pierson of the B-52's helped all that much, with everything sounding like it could play over the opening credits of a cartoon show. It's no surprise that in recent years, the band have only included it once on a greatest hits album, appropriately titled as Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, and Part Garbage. For as many classics like Man on the Moon and Radio Free Europe are accounted for, this is the one R.E.M. song even some hardcore fans like to pretend doesn't exist.


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