10 Amazing Songs That Never Made It Onto A Studio Album

9. Soily - Paul McCartney and Wings

For the first chunk of his solo career with Wings, Paul McCartney was becoming known as the resident soft rocker of the Beatles. Even though John Lennon had Imagine under his belt and George Harrison had his first hits with My Sweet Lord, everyone was willing to slag off the Cute Beatle for writing empty love songs or sappy songs about nothing. The era of Band on the Run was a different story though, and Wings really found their muscle once they hit the live stage.

While Wings Over America is a little bit daunting as a triple record, you get a good helping of everything that made Macca so interesting as a songwriter, whether that's the sounds of his solo stuff like Maybe I'm Amazed or dipping his toes back into his older band with versions of Blackbird and I've Just Seen a Face. As much as songs like Hi Hi Hi translated well to a live setting, Soily might be one of the fiercest rockers that McCartney would ever make in the '70s, sounding like it should be blaring out of a sweaty club instead of the stadiums that he was filling around the world at this point.

It seems that Paul agreed with the ramshackle energy of this song too, never releasing on an album and keeping it as a live track for the next few years. Then again, if you have a song with this much energy, there's no use trying to recreate it in a studio again.

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