10 Amazing Songs That Were Never Performed Live

9. Flamethrower - Judas Priest

Up until very recently, the talk of Judas Priest retiring in the next few years have sent chills up and down the metal community's spine. First we had to deal with Black Sabbath calling it a day, and now we have the titans of the metal genre to worry about as well? It especially sucks considering they may have written one of the greatest albums they have made in ages to go out on.

Though Firepower is still only a few years old at this point, the absence of Flamethrower from any of the Priest's live sets is criminal considering what they have to work with. Granted, any song off this record would have made for one hell of an opener during a concert, and yet this song found a way to slip through the cracks every single time.

While there are some great songs that have met the stage like Lightning Strikes and Rising from Ruins, this is the one track from the record that feels most in line with classic Priest, as Rob Halford manages to reach up into his higher register and deliver one of the most emotive performances he has taken on since the '80s. With things starting to open back up and the touring shows becoming more and more of a reality going forward, here's hoping that the Priest might dust off this gospel verse for one go around.


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