10 Amazing Songs That Will Make You Love Britpop

2. There She Goes - The La's

When talking about the beginnings of Britpop music, it gets a bit fuzzy trying to actually nail down the dates of when everything started in earnest. Although the sounds of the Stone Roses had been happening as far back as the '80s, the rise of the genre couldn't really happen until we were sure that grunge was good and dead. Before any of the heavyhitters came in though, the perfect Britpop song had already been written on There She Goes.

Which is saying something because this is not really the most optimistic song to write about at the time. Being widely known as being about heroin, Lee Mavers is so sincere in this pop classic, with his trademark Liverpool accent coming through and making the best out of only a handful of chords. Even though Britpop had a few more years ahead of it, the pieces of the genre are all there in this song.

You have a non-threatening bunch of chords, a sense of bringing things back to basics, and a bulletproof chorus that ties the whole thing together. Whether he knew it or not, Lee Mavers had written the building blocks of everything that was to come once Blur and Oasis were duking it out on the charts. It's a shame he didn't feel the same as everyone else though, with this being one of the only things that he released that he was genuinely satisfied with. For him, it might be considered accidental genius, but it takes a world class songwriter to make something this bulletproof by mistake.

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