10 Best Number One Rock Albums Of The 2010s

The most recent full decade threw up some absolutely cracking albums.

Paramore Aint It Fun

Though it may seem like the genre has fallen out of fashion in recent years, rock music is actually still alive and well, or at least it was in the 2010s if the charts are anything to go by.

In an era where pop music and hip-hop really started to take over, rock still found a place to call home, creating legions of dedicated fans who will likely spend the rest of their lives defending their music choices to friends, relatives, and psychiatric workers.

As well more niche acts earning cult status thanks to the rise of the Internet and online streaming, other bands fully broke through into the mainstream, peaking at the very top of the US album charts by beating out some truly gargantuan names from the rest of the music world.

From indie twiddlers to pop punk hangovers to legendary names returning for one final go-around, these ten artists all found themselves at the pinnacle of their profession in the 2010s with albums that will last for the rest of time... or people have already forgotten about them.

Either way, they got to number one.

10. Born And Raised - John Mayer

As well as being one of the several likenesses in every single Taylor Swift fan's voodoo doll collection, John Mayer is also a musician in his own right, specialising in softboi indie rock with a hint of Americana chucked in for good measure.

The latter is on proud display on his album Born and Raised, which borrows heavily from the works of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash. After battling a bout of throat granulomas (inflammation of the white blood cells) and saying some really dumb things in an interview with Playboy, Mayer finally released the record in 2012.

His mixture of modern sounds and old-school folk stylings made for an instant hit, bringing many contemporary listeners up to speed with the music that had built America in the 20th century. It topped the charts for two weeks, giving the singer his second stint at the top.

A love letter to guitar music from another age, Born and Raised is a very fine piece of work indeed. Not fine enough to make up for those Playboy comments, but still.

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