10 Artists That Disowned Their Own Songs

9. Creep - Radiohead

Every single record that Radiohead have released has always felt like a new sonic experiment that they were working with. From OK Computer onward, there’s never been an album that sounds the same for them, always balancing the electronic side of their sound with everything from rock to jazz and everything in between. That’s not where they started though, and the rest of the band would be just fine to leave their first breakthrough in the past.

Granted, when they were cutting their debut Pablo Honey, Thom Yorke already had his reservations about performing Creep at all, and the studio hands almost wrote it off when they thought it was just a ripoff of a Scott Walker song. After finding out it was an original though, this song blew the hell up all over alt rock radio, becoming their signature hit in some circles and almost dooming them to be a one hit wonder before they had even begun to make their mark on music.

Though the rest of the world was more than happy to follow where the band was headed, none of the band members in Radiohead have warm feelings about this song, always considering it a bit of a chore to play and keeping it out of the setlist for most of their later years. Then again, to get to Radiohead’s position as a rock band is basically unheard of. Here you have a band with one of the biggest hits of the ‘90s, they never play it live, and it doesn’t even matter to the fans.

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