10 Artists That Ended Their Career With One Album

The Final Gasps.

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In the world of the music business, you’re only as good as the last album you’ve released. Even though it might seem great to be riding your success for as long as you can, it makes it that much more difficult when you have to go back into the studio to make something better. And when you have albums that are doomed from the start, it’s going to spell disaster when you actually put it out.

Though all of these records are known to be fatal for the bands in question, that doesn’t make them bad albums right off the bat. For as many great songs may be on these records, the main drawback from them is that they caused the band to either break up, go on hiatus, or never speak to each other again.

Bands can come and go though, and some of these records end up flopping in the wrong way as well. In trying to keep up with the times or change to a new sound, some of these bands ended up falling flat on their faces and directly out of relevancy, to the point where none of the fanbase got on board again. Even if some of these acts still put out material every now and again, no one cares because it’s never going to be the same as their glory days. It would be poetic for bands to bring their own careers to an end, but these records ended up doing it for them.

10. Results May Vary - Limp Bizkit

There are only a few bands that have had the kind of backlash that Limp Bizkit have gone through over the course of their career. From the ‘90s onward, they went from being one of the biggest bands in the world to one of the most embarrassing punchlines of the genre to now suddenly looping back around by some fans who want to relive their glory days. For all of those Limp Bizkit for Life fans, there’s a good chance that even they can’t defend Results May Vary.

Before this album, some of the more sophomoric attempts at humor and doofy lyrics were at least endearing to an extent on songs like Rollin. With Wes Borland now stepping down as guitar player, this sounds like the band called in every favor they had to get the album done, and even then some of the pieces are far from their usual standard. In an attempt to switch up his usual sound, Fred Durst drops a lot of the silliness of the first few albums and tries to go for raw anger, which doesn’t really work when he talks about wanting to get some random girl’s underwear on the song Eat You Alive.

As he tries to get more angry, it starts to become either laughable or offensive depending on what song you’re listening to, like the angsty song of pain like Build a Bridge or trying to minimize the tragedy of Columbine in Head for the Barricade. Remember that kid from high school who tried to talk himself up but had nothing to say? This is that kid now, and it’s more just embarrassing to watch these days.

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