10 Artists Who Totally Ripped Off The Arctic Monkeys

9. Airways

While the musical parallels between Airways and Arctic Monkeys may not be as explicit as some other artists on this list, there's been a lot of discussion online noting the similarities between the Peterborough and Sheffield-based bands.

"Reckless Tongue" (Airways' most streamed song on Spotify, by far) in particular sounds like the love child of "Whatever People Say I Am..." and "Favourite Worst Nightmare", while "Alien" seems to take its lyrical inspiration from "Tranquility Base...".

But Airways are far more than simple imitators. The band's most recent single, "Out Of Luck", modernises the indie guitar rock sound, incorporating subtle dance elements into the mix in a move more reminiscent of another band on this list.

And while Airways aren't shy of You Me At Six and Superfood-esque SFX and electronic experimentation ("Starting to Spin" being their most successful foray into this fusion sound), guitars still take centre stage.

Long after the indie guitar renaissance of the early noughties, it seems that the Monkeys' influence still looms large over new bands today.


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