10 Bands We Miss More Than Some Of Our Own Relatives

7. The Doors

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crzcXEG1THg The Doors did so many things better than anyone else. Arguably, they had the best keyboardist and most distinctive lead singer in rock history. Jim Morrison - perhaps music's most mythical single figure - glided over all of their best songs with his slinky, ethereal voice, and Ray Manzarek (who usually played bass at shows) couched their brand of rock more closely with the blues than any other band (except maybe one group that appears later). Their style varied widely, ranging from slow, old-blues jams (Back Door Man) to bizarre, quasi-occult epics (The End). It's impossible to separate The Doors' legend from that of Morrison. His on and off-stage antics gave the band a lecherous reputation, but his sophisticated, philosophical lyrics and devoted energetic performances give the band their most memorable qualities. His grave in Paris is perennially littered with flowers and loving notes, even more than 40 years after his death. The attempts of remaining band members to continue without him were honorable but sadly doomed. The Doors died with Morrison, and this remains one of music's greatest losses.

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