10 Bands That Never Topped Their 1st Album

Guns N Roses were never better than when they flew out the gate...


When a hungry new band comes storming towards the world stage, it's usually a sight to behold when they have the songs, the look and the drive to make everyone take notice.

There's no secret to the perfect debut album, but often the best ones are to-the-point statements telling you who the band is, what they have to say and what records they collected growing up. That also usually means holding off on the string sections, piano ballads and album covers omitting the band's name.

That first set of songs is a lifelong project many songwriters hack away at since their teenage years. They plow every little clever hook they've recycled from their beloved record collections into something resembling the best album their favourite bands never made, but what happens then?

After the typical debauchery of touring a smash hit album for what could be a year or two, going back to the bedroom for another set might be a chore. The solution regularly falls within the categories of rewrite, U-turn or call in the orchestra.


Sometimes you end up with another brilliant album, other times it's time for the foaming critics to roll out the old Sophomore Slump label again.


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