10 Bands That Were Haunted While Recording

9. Back in Black - AC/DC

There had to be some members of AC/DC that had questions of even continuing without Bon Scott. While Angus and Malcolm Young wrote most of the songs from the ground up, Bon was the main spirit behind the band and finding anyone to fill his shoes was going to be a big job for anyone to take on. If you were to ask what was going through Brian Johnson's mind though, he said that he had some sort of spiritual connection with Bon during the sessions that sent him on his way.

During the first few weeks in the Bahamas tracking the songs for Back In Black, Brian was actually convinced that they were going to find someone else, contemplating who he would be singing with once they sacked him. After coming back to his hotel room one evening though, Brian said that he felt the spirit of Bon in the room with him that night, almost giving him reassurance about his role in the band and spiritually passing the torch for the next era of the band.

It wasn't like Bon wasn't a fan of his to begin with either. Before he passed away, Bon had talked about loving Brian's voice in the band Geordie and thought that he would make a good replacement for him if he ever needed to bow out for some reason. Ghost stories can always be a little bit strange in the music world, but Brian can at least find some comfort in Bon just wishing him luck from the other side.

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