10 Bands Who Survived A Lead Singer Change

Blink 182, AC/DC and the bands that found a new voice...


With any band that makes it big, most of the attention is given to the lead singer. Unless you have a jaw-dropping amount of talent in your instrumentation, vocalists tend to be thought of as the leaders of the group by default. So when the vocalist gets fed up with band drama and quits, that should the deathblow to all bands, right?

Even through the hard times of internal struggle, there are those rare groups that come roaring back to life after their main spokesperson steps down. While the lead singer possesses an added charisma to the band, that doesn't mean a replacement is capable of filling their shoes and making something even greater.

By staying true to themselves and taking that gamble, these bands have been able to survive and thrive even if it isn't the familiar voice screaming out the hits. Some of the band's releases with their revamped lineups may just surpass the music that was seen as the band's greatest work. With some fresh blood in the equation, these bands are the best examples of groups that are more than just their charismatic frontmen.

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