10 Bands Who Were Justified In Changing Sounds

Because sometimes you need a new direction.

Jack Plunkett/AP

Finding the winning formula in any way of life is a tough ask. Finding all the right ingredients to blend together and get something going is the key to success, and is this has never been more true than in the creative world.

Bands are perhaps the best example of this in action, working tirelessly in an industry where all the talent in the world doesn't necessarily equal the success and recognition a group might deserve. The history books are littered with groups that never made the grade, however they're also lined with stories of how even the most famous of groups struggled to even a book a venue before making it to the big time.

So whether because of a lack of musical identity that either unleashes their potential or resonates with the audiences of the day, or the clashing of personalities from within the band itself that end up holding them back, there's many reasons why a group might look to take stock and find a new direction.

And sometimes, it works out for the best...


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