10 Best Alt-Rock Albums Of The 80's

10. Tim - The Replacements

The Replacements were one of the most endearing band of drunks to come out of the 80's punk scene. Though the band was known for more hardcore punk throwdowns at the start of their career, things began to turn a corner once they hit the mid-80's. Suddenly, the band became less of a punk thrashabout and more seeped in their songwriting.

Right in the sweet spot of the band's 80's run is Tim, whose songs are some of the most earnest tracks to come out of the punk movement. The sound of the guitars and drums are so organic as they pound across Paul Westerberg's infectious melodies like "Hold My Life" or "Lay it Down Clown." The album also features some real tearjerking moments like on the drunken loneliness of "Here Comes a Regular" and the slowjam "Swinging Party."

This approach to songwriting is evident in the alt-rock found in later years, with everyone from Kurt Cobain to the members of Blink-182 citing the band as a major influence. This is a heartland rock album with a punk's heart, which would make it fit right in among its other alternative brethren many years down the road.

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