10 Best British Metal Bands Right Now

Britain birthed heavy metal and here are the bands continuing its legacy.

Yui Mok

Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Motörhead: Not only did Britain invent heavy metal but it continued to redefine and push the genre to new exciting places. The standout bands have been leather wearing maestros, duel guitar battling behemoths, and soloing wizards full of theatricality, ambition, and power.

As the genre ages and new bands begin to prove themselves within the gauntlet of world-beating metal, British heavy music continues to retain its originality and dominance. Whether you’re looking in small underground clubs or colossal stadiums, the Brits are commanding the world and doing so with originality and great song writing.

Some choose to make head pounding heaviness while many go all out with squealing guitars and epic choruses. No matter the approach, here are the 10 best bands currently raining fire on their corner of the metal scene. Prepare for heaviness and metal delight!


10. Judas Priest

Very few bands continue to produce the best work of their career 20 to 30 years into it, but no band has produced an album as good as Judas Priest’s Firepower an insane 50 years after they formed. Judas Priest are continuing to fly the flag for excellent heavy metal and prove that age is nothing, it’s all about spirit.

Ageing gracefully from their 1980s speed metal days while maintaining their signature squeal and guitar battle, the band still sport an inherent British-ness and further prove why they are indisputable rock and roll legends.


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