10 Best Classic Rock Ballads

Raise Your Lighters High.

Ariel Schalit/AP

Rock music has always been a genre that has felt like a rollicking good time. Ever since Chuck Berry kicked off the rock formula in the 50's, the infectious groove always made you want to dance, headbang, or just throw up the devil horns. As time went on though, rock bands started writing material much softer than the three chord bangers.

It's certainly an adrenaline rush to play the heavy jams, but sometimes the lyrics of a tune don't necessarily suit such a brash production. To take it down a notch, bands just pick up an acoustic guitar or even a piano and lay their soul bare on the record. While the balladesque material got too processed by the time the late-80's hair bands swooped in, there was always something special behind these original songs.

Rather than making you want to dance, these songs had compelling characters, vivid lyrical images, and the type of emotion that could tug at your heartstrings. These songs were a different look for these groups in their heyday, but have since become musical marvels that are still influencing artists to this day.

For all the detractors who called rock and roll a bunch of noise, here are the tracks that showed the real songwriters behind the gruff exterior.


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