10 Best Dance Albums Of 2013

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2013 has seen many a good dance album appear and entrance clubs and bedrooms alike. This list should hopefully guide you towards some of the better albums (in my opinion) that have been released over the course of this past year. Dance has seen a boost in popularity over the last few years because of artists making increasing more commercial records. With the increase in commercial Dance music we have seen more songs infiltrating into the charts. Over this past year we've seen nearly 10 number 1's from Dance acts - including Daft Punk, Avicii, and Rudimental to name a few. Is this a good thing for a mainly pop dominated chart? Only time will tell. Personally I think it is a good thing that dance tracks are making headway in the top 40 charts, but as long as producers aren't making tracks purely for getting number 1's, there won't be an issue with the more hardcore dance music fans. This year did see a more underground genre, Deep House, rise to popularity as Disclosure stormed to popularity after their chart success late last year. The brothers from Surrey have grown from strength to strength over the year and with success with both their album and their current tour, I look forward to seeing what they can produce in the future. The Grammy Awards are in January next year, and will show who the NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) think is the artist with the best overall Dance album. Three of the albums in this list have made the final five, but we shall have to wait until January to see who wins the Grammy Award. I'm personally a big House and Drum & Bass fan, so I have tried to include a broad spectrum from the more commercial, to the lesser known. So without further ado, on to number 10....

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