10 Best Female Drummers Of All Time

The most iconic female stick-wielders in music history.

Youtube: Meytal Cohen Solo for Tabitha Simmons

They may be hidden at the back of the band, but drummers are unmistakably the driving force behind most music, propelling the beat forward with every hit.

Ever since the modern drum kit emerged in the early 1900s, complexity and playing techniques have continued to evolve from the early years of jazz, bebop and swing all the way through to rock ā€™nā€™ roll, punk, metal and beyond.

Whenever we think about the greatest drummers of all time, it's typically names such as Buddy Rich, Keith Moon, Ginger Baker, or Lars Ulrich who stick out as being some of the greatest to wield a pair of sticks. But there are just as many incredible female drummers who have carved a legacy for themselves within the historically male-dominated music industry.

Ever since there have been drums, women have been playing them. Leagues above some of their male counterparts, these drummers may not be as well-known, but they're nevertheless some of the most influential names in the business.

From early jazz bands all the way to modern rock, here are some of the greatest female drummers to have ever blasted out some frantic beats.

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