10 Best Female Guitarists Of All Time

Sometimes you need a bit of girl power with your shredding!

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Ever since their heyday in the 1950s and '60s through charismatic personalities such as Chubby Checker, Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley, guitarists have always been seen as the cool guys of the music industry.

Whilst a great drummer might set your heart racing and an amazing lead singer can grab all the limelight and attention, a guitarist conveys their whole personality in the way they hold their instrument and carry a song.

It has sadly been a mostly male game, historically speaking. However that isn't to say there hasn't been plenty of female guitarists taking our collective breaths away through the years. And, with social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and Facebook available to a huge swathe of humanity, it has never been easier to bring exposure and openness to the talent within the industry. This has massively helped women gain representation and recognition in the field.

(It also means you can now host a whole concert right from your bed in your pyjamas, which is also really cool.)

Who are the best female guitarists of all time though? Get these women on that aforesaid YouTube playlist.

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