10 Best Hard Rock Albums Of The 1960's

The Dark Side of Flower Power...


Whenever people look back on the 60's, they always seem to picture the psychedelic utopia that you find at Woodstock. From all the pictures that get thrown in your face, it feels like every single rock fan had to be dropping acid and preaching the message of peace and love. Behind the curtain, there was something much more sinister festering beyond the hippie movement.

Popping out throughout the decade, bands were taking the typical rock sounds and beefing them up into something much more gritty and raw. While you tend to look to bands from the British Invasion for the more caustic rock of the day, the heaviness of the decade could be felt in offshoots from blues to art rock to even the early stages of garage rock. Some of the bands were even taking the psychedelic sounds of the hippie movement and injecting them with distortion and raw power.

These records are a bit rough around the edges, but the maniacal riffs on display here planted the seeds for the hard rock and heavy metal scenes that were to follow later down the line. Flower Power may have been a great start, but this was where we see rock start to grow up into something much more vicious.


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