10 Best Hard Rock Albums Of The 1970s

Rock starts to show its teeth.


By the time rock had reached the start of the 1970's, it had grown up a little. After the cultural revolution of the 60's, rock had gone from being this passing fad into a legitimate subset of popular music.

It was also the time when rock started getting nastier. Sure, there had been rumblings of heavier music at the tail end of the hippie era, but the 70's is where bands really came into their own when it came to producing explosive hard rock music. With people like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison blowing the doors open, a plethora of bands across the world came onto the scene brandishing loud guitars and riffs that would take your head off.

The 1970's is where you saw rock dividing into other genres, from power pop to folk rock to glam rock. However, the ones that seemed to have left the most impact on rock music as a whole have been the hard rock releases of the day. These records produced revolutionary singles and became templates for how to make a timeless sonic statement. So let's see what was behind the unholy tunes of the hard rock pantheon.


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