10 Best Hard Rock Albums Of The 2000s

The Millennium's heaviest offerings.

Warner Bros.

Once the rock music community was staggering into the 2000's, the whiff of the 90's was still heavy in the air. The cultural force of earlier genres like grunge and nu metal were still major forces on the airwaves, but that didn't mean that new things weren't on the horizon.

Without being tied to a specific genre, artists found new ways to toy with their sound that didn't have to fit into the confines of what the "90's sound" was. The new genres of garage rock and pop-punk were still heavy in the rock consciousness, but the real artistry was what bands were doing to circumvent genre labels and create something wholly unique.

Guitars were tuned down lower, the production opportunities opened up, and now there was a more enhanced musical palette for hard rock musicians to draw from when it came time to hone their craft. Some of these bands were so off-the-wall that their music ended up kickstarting a genre of its own. Whether you were a rocker or a metalhead, the dawn of the millennium was a turning point for the hard rock genre, with a musical scope that seemed absolutely endless. Bang your head and see for yourself.


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