10 Best Hard Rock Bands Of The 1970's

Sabbath and the decade when rock got dirty.

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As rock music staggered into the 1970's, it was clear that the Summer of Love that had been the dream of thousands of rockers was nothing more than a passing fantasy. While the utopian ideal for rock didn't pan out, the 60's did leave fertile ground for all different stripes of rock music to spring to the surface.

All of a sudden, rock started to get nasty and take on a much harder bent than it had in the past. Even though bands like Steppenwolf and the Stooges were pioneering a more uninhibited form of rock music early on, the 70's absolutely erupted with bands who were taking the typical rock format and bringing distortion, menace, and groove into the picture.

These bands marked the beginning of rock growing from a teenybopper fad into a true cultural force that could decimate anything in its path. Quickly following suit, some of the great bands of the 60's even went through drastic changes in style to mark their separation from the 60's mindset. After these bands forged their own paths, rock was no longer just fun recreational music. Rock had now become a lifestyle that all rockers would give their souls for.

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