10 Best Hard Rock Bands Of The 1980s

The hard edge behind the hairspray and spandex.

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The 80's have garnered a reputation as being a decade that was a bit pompous. It seemed as if everything in pop had gotten much bigger and draped in a neon coating. On the other side of the spectrum, the 80's turned into a phenomenal decade for hard rock.

At this point, hard rock and metal was not necessarily a new genre. With over a decade under its belt, hard rock was truly thriving and bands were coming into their own with loads of grand ideas for the scope of rock to come. The kings of rock of the 70's such as Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple were falling apart at the seams, leaving bold new acts the opportunity to reach for the hard rock crown.

The race was on to be faster, louder, and meaner than the band next to you, and each group on this list created their true identity by making records that would become staples of the rock genre. Whether it be old dogs learning new tricks or fresh faces to the rock scene, these bands certainly knew how to leave their mark throughout their 80's run.

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