10 Best Hard Rock Cover Songs

Giving the classics an update.


Cover songs in popular music present a very daunting task for any band who decides to tackle them. If a song has become ingrained in the collective consciousness, how is your spin going to add something new to an already existing classic? That doesn't stop many fabulous artists from stepping up to the challenge though.

When it comes to hard rock music, bands have tried their hand at their influence's material with flying colors. Most of the time, these covers are updates of old-school hard rock and metal tunes with the energy turned up to its limit. On the other hand, some of the more adventurous covers in the rock scene come from when artists take on a song that doesn't fit under the hard rock umbrella and recontextualize it for a completely different audience.

The covers shown on this list not only found success, but also went on to influence younger bands to check out artists from the past that they may have overlooked otherwise. From the dawn of rock music to modern day wonders, these covers had just the right amount of kickass to even rival their originals.

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