10 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Songs Of 2017 (So Far)

Stone Sour vs. Trivium vs. Queens of the Stone Age and... Nickelback?!

Metal Songs 2017
Reprise/While She Sleeps/Fantasy Records/Tribal Vision/Roadrunner

In a world where there are a million bands creating a million different albums and songs in every permutation of every genre under the sun, well, it can be a little hard to decide what to listen to.

We've done our best collating the best albums and EPs of the year so far, but what of the specific songs? What about those times you just want to see what a given year or band has to offer, without delving in for a full hour or so of tunes?

Luckily enough, 2017 has been one hell of a year for metal and hard rock. Not only have we seen the return of Trivium releasing the blast beat-filled The Sin & The Sentence, but even the roundly despised/guilty pleasure Nickelback tried their hand at a far more epic, prog-rock track (yes, really).

Indeed, what was once an underground melting pot of pentatonic scales and rebellious potential has blossomed into one of the most popular streamed genres on the planet - no doubt in part due to the overwhelmingly tumultuous socio-political times we're living in.

A hero's only as good as their villain, and with more cerebrally engaging topics than ever to get stuck into, it makes sense the darker side of the music spectrum would answer the call.

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