10 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Songs Of 2018

From extreme prog to bruising hardcore, this year’s metal has given us some BELTERS.

Angela Owens

In heavy metal, it’s often easy to overlook the power of the individual song. When the end of each year arrives, many a publication eagerly busts out their greatest albums list (including us in the coming weeks – stay tuned), but rarely catalogue the best tracks and singles of the past twelve months.

And you can’t blame them when you consider the sheer volume of metal tracks being released. Hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of metal songs have been unveiled on Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube and so on in 2018; who would be stupid enough to wade through all of that and chisel it down to only ten?

Us. We are stupid enough to wade through all of that and chisel it down to only ten.

Anything new, unique and, most importantly, heavy is up for contention, with the end goal of creating a fine-tuned list of fun and game-changing tracks for your audial pleasure.

Consider this your one-stop playlist of this year’s best heavy hits, starring everything from whirring hardcore to grandiose prog to soul-crushing doom.

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