10 Best Hard Rock Music Videos Of The 80s

8. Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top (1983)

Another inexplicably strange, but equally enjoyable video from the '80s, comes in the form of Sharpe Dressed Man, by those distinctively dressed men from ZZ Top.

As far as one can make out, the boys from ZZ Top embody the ghosts of getting laid, miraculously appearing to help a hopelessly incompetent bellboy pick up girls. All it required for this guy to get lucky, was the band giving him the keys to 'The Eliminator' - a 1933 Ford Coupe own by Billy Gibbons - which contains a group of beautiful women. With the keys to the car, he could unlock his inner pimp, it seems.

He takes his newly acquired harem on a merry romp around town and ends up showing off his dance moves in a dive bar while a bunch of snooty hotel guests watch on. To really appreciate the full artistic brilliance of this video, will require you to sit through Gimme All Your Lovin' and Legs. Combined, the three make a trilogy, all of which feature the band giving some lucky punter the keys to the mobile brothel.

This was the '80s...


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