10 Times Rock Musicians Stopped Their Own Shows

It's never fun to have to stop a show, but sometimes, it's the right thing to do.

Dave Grohl

There's an old saying in the entertainment business - "The show must go on".

A lot of artists adhere to this mantra, playing on regardless of what happens. Illness, injury, freak hurricane, alien invasion, doesn't matter. If they're playing a show, they do not stop for anything or anyone.

Until they do.

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, a music gig simply has to be paused. Whether it's for the safety of the band, the audience, or for something completely out of left-field, these ten shows were all brought to a halt. What's most interesting is that it was the artist themselves who called for a pause.

These big names from the world of rock have all flexed their authority and paused their own concerts, sometimes right in the middle of a song. Whilst some of these events were only witnessed by those in attendance, some have been captured on video and are quite something to behold.

As a warning, this list will contain some mention of sexual assault in entries number 3 and 4, so reader discretion is advised.

10. Gene Simmons Takes A Break

Dave Grohl
Joel Ryan/AP

As much as everyone would like them to stay young and sexy forever, even rock stars are blighted by the curse known as old age.

Confronting the fact that our favourite performers aren't as young as they used to be can be daunting, especially when that fact is made as blatantly clear as it was when KISS took to the stage in the Spring of 2023.

The band were in the middle of their first global tour in a very long time, playing a show in Manaus, Brazil. Fans first got suspicious that something was up when Gene Simmons had to sit down during one song. Things got more alarming when the veteran bassist left the stage entirely.

Fellow member Paul Stanley tried to reassure the crowd that Gene was ok, before also leaving to check on his friend. Thankfully, about five minutes later, both men returned, although Simmons had to carry on without any of his usual on-stage flamboyance.

It was never disclosed what the health issue was that stopped this show, but the main thing is that Gene was ok, although maybe partying all night and rocking every day is now off the cards.

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