10 Best Hard Rock Songs Of The 2000's

Millennial's unholy hymns.


As the 90's quickly faded from view, the new millennium left a lot of things uncertain for the hard rock world. With nu metal on in its mid-period and grunge long since died, where do you go from there? While the charts seemed grim with a lot of pop stars hogging the spotlight, some bands were festering from the shadows, ready to explode.

All of a sudden, offshoot bands quickly found their way from their niche local audiences onto the album and singles charts. No matter what kind of rock they played, each track hit you with the blunt smack of a baseball bat, ready to absolutely demolish you with pure sonic force. Along with these newer acts, old bands from the alternative and metal scenes were still holding their own with the competition with heavyhitters that revitalized their careers.

While a lot of hard rock tended to fall under a common umbrella, these bands bucked the trends by taking bold new steps and create genres of their own. Regardless of what filter you wanted to put on these tunes, each of them helped shape the way rock would look moving forward. Hard rock had now entered its 4th decade, with bands more than happy to carry the torch for incendiary headbangers.

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