10 Best Hip-Hop Producers Of The 2010s

Make no mistake, producers are just as important as rappers in Hip-Hop.


In the last decade hip-hop has surged to become the single most commercially viable genre on the planet. Pop artists have been clamouring more and more to get rappers and traditional hip-hop producers to help them reach an even wider audience, and that's a testament to how far the genre has come since its inception. It's not that long ago that hip-hop awards weren't deemed prestige enough to be televised, now they are effectively the main focus.

Of course, fans and critics heap tonnes of praise on the A-list performers in this genre. People like Kendrick Lamar, Drake and J. Cole have been recognised as being at the forefront of the genre for the last decade, and rightfully so. But more often than not people forget those behind the boards. The producers.

In the last decade hip-hop production has been pushing the envelope, incorporating pretty much every genre and influence under the sun to massive commercial success.

These next ten producers have been at the very forefront of this movement, consistently performing at the highest level and crafting some of the most recognisable hip-hop songs of the last ten years.


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