10 Best Lana Del Rey Songs

From Born to Die to Blue Banisters, which Lana songs stand out the most among critics and fans?

Lana Del Rey

If you don't know who Lana Del Rey is, chances are you've been living under a rock. Whether it's because of her musical impact, social presence, or continuous virtual confrontations, this alternative singer has become widely known in the last decade. Her songs have become anthems for her fans thanks to the nostalgic melodies and lyrics that tell stories in a way only Lana can.

Considered an inspiration for great artists, Lana has earned the title of 'Queen of Alternative'. The storytelling ability that she has shown in her songs makes us feel easily transported to a place and moment that are only hers, where she's the protagonist of her story.

Constantly masterfully using production elements, her songs always have that distinctive touch. From haunting string melodies, barely noticeable percussion, or even the use of a full orchestra, the productions are always out of this world. If we add to all this the versatile and characteristic vocal talent of Del Rey, the result will be a song that will not be easy to forget.

Since we know that the career of this beautiful woman is extensive, here's a list with ten of her best songs - based on the opinions of both critics and fans!

10. White Dress

This song from her album Chemtrails Over the Country Club tells us about the duality of her story. In it, Lana narrates how she dreamed of fame before achieving it. However, as the song progresses, she lets us know that she wants to go back to simpler times now that she has gotten fame of her own.

With that vintage style that characterizes Del Rey so much, we can appreciate the sensation that White Dress offers through its length like a fresh breeze. Jack Antonoff's production has proven to be a combination that transcends and consistently exceeds our expectations.

The production is full of instruments that make it an atmospheric and deep song. Lana's vocal performance has a haunting but beautiful tone with its whisper-like singing. One of the fan's favourite songs and one of her best works on this album.

The art of this song isn't just in the song itself. Lana also provides us with a music video that is wonderful to watch. We can see a reflection of both people that she talks about in her lyrics. We see a young woman with dreams of grandeur on one side, and on the other, a woman tired of life in the spotlight.

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