10 Best Led Zeppelin Songs Of All Time

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Led Zeppelin: innovative, ground-breaking, influential, enduring, mystical, and as a collective, a bunch of wild-haired, testosterone-fuelled lunatics with a penchant for pant-shittingly insane debauchery. The list of superlatives to describe their music and legacy is almost unending, and they blazed a trail of drug and alcohol-influenced chaos across the globe during their heyday in the 70€™s, cultivating legendary tales of decadence and establishing themselves as rock and roll nut-bars of the highest order. Despite their outrageous and, probably, mostly apocryphal tour behaviour, the music itself never wavered: their world tours consistently broke attendance records and each gig they played would last up to four hours at a time; due care and attention was given to every note in every song they performed invariably ensuring every fan got their money€™s worth. In spite of all their off-stage tomfoolery, their professionalism in the studio and on-stage rarely dropped below their impeccably high standards of near perfection. As a musical collective, they were simply ravishing. Technically brilliant, each member perfectly complemented the other: Robert Plant possessed a voice made of pure sex, a stage presence that would level audiences and a golden mane that would make both sexes go knock-kneed. The rhythm section comprised the stoic and brilliant John Paul Jones on bass and the ferociously brutal John €˜Bonzo€™ Bonham going doolally behind the kit. Finally, their leader Jimmy Page was a wizard-like virtuoso on guitar, creating some of the mightiest riffs and most innovative studio techniques in musical history. If Eric Clapton was God, Jimmy Page was the devil. It was a perfect assembly of musical minds. To celebrate the 40th anniversary re-release of their seminal 1975 album Physical Graffiti next month, the following are ten of their most enduring, creative and innovative songs from their, frankly, near-perfect body of work. And such is the quality of their recorded output, on another day you could pick a totally different ten-track list and it would be equally as brilliant. Agree, disagree, laugh, sneer, love or hate all you like, but most of all, enjoy.
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