10 Greatest Lo-Fi Albums Of All Time

9. Sebadoh - III


An early example of the "traditional lo-fi sound" was this 1991 album. A cheaply recorded work overflowing with ideas that constantly jump between abrasive metal and acoustic sound collages, among many other styles, Sebadoh's third album is a true clash of the bizarre and the dark. 

Focus is not the name of the game with III. It is an album full of detours into inward musings where one would expect a more emotional crescendo. When you expect something genuine to come through, it retreats further into something more self-effacing and sarcastic. 

This album is not necessarily an easy or enjoyable listen, but it is clear that it is an important influence on rock music in the 1990s as well as something that would further the genre's desire for experimentation, and that cannot go unnoticed. 

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