10 More Hard Rock Vinyl Albums That Are Worth A Lot Of Money

If you own any of these vinyls, you could be sitting on a small fortune.

Velvet Underground

In spite of numerous new technologies coming along to supposedly take their place, vinyl records have survived and, in some cases, are doing better than ever.

There's just something intangibly special about owning a record; their cases are big enough to actually see the cover art; they have a wonderfully authentic sound that you just can't reproduce digitally; you can actually display them in your home, rather than keep them on your phone.

Are these the reasons why people love physical records? Maybe, or perhaps it's because some of them are worth a whole heap of cash.

We've already talked about Hard Rock Vinyls That Are Worth a Lot of Money, but there was no way that ten entries was going to be enough to discuss the multitude of valuable recordings that are out there just waiting to be found.

For this list, we've used the music buying and selling website Discogs as a guide, looking at the median price of these albums.

If you think you're on to a winner, then make sure you've got the exact right versions of these albums before you buy that Rolls-Royce. It makes a big difference.

10. The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars - David Bowie

Velvet Underground
RCA Records

For many David Bowie fans, his peak as an musician, artist, and all-round creative was this 1972 album with a name so long, most people just shorten it to the first two words.

Ziggy Stardust not only contained songs like Starman, Five Years, and Suffragette City, but it also introduced the world to Bowie's extra-terrestrial alter ego, who would become a key part of his legend.

As a result, certain copies of the record are like, well, stardust amongst the music community, with one in particular sure to fetch a pretty penny.

The fourth Japan issue of the album, which was released in 1975, features the iconic cover, but with a white strip with red Japanese writing down one side. It was issued on the RCA label and, according to Discogs, perspective buyers can expect to pay $576.75 for a copy.

That's 84,270 Japanese Yen, in case you were wondering.

Ziggy Stardust may have never charted in The Land of the Rising Sun, but Bowie's subsequent tour did pass through the country. Anyone clever enough to buy a copy of the album might now be sitting on a gold mine.

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