10 Best Metal Albums Of The 1990s - Ranked

10. Alice Cooper – Hey Stoopid

Alice Cooper’s endeavour into the world of glam metal was brief but prosperous, with the icon producing some of the best work of his career within the walls of the sub-genre, and his greatest studio release from this period is certainly 1990’s Hey Stoopid.

Featuring guest performances from rock and metal legends like Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Vai, and Nikki Sixx, as well as a stellar band line-up, the instrumental work on this album was nothing short of excellent.

Hey Stoopid features some well known tracks, the title track for example, which remains a part of Cooper’s live set, and Feed My Frankenstein of Wayne’s World fame. Some lesser known, and sorely underrated tracks also feature in the form of Snakebite, Hurricane Years, and Little By Little.

Alice himself is as wicked as ever on the album, executing his trademark croaky vocals as only he can, and displaying his lyric writing prowess every step of the way. if you’re looking for the ultimate 90s glam metal album, then look no further than Hey Stoopid.

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