10 Best Metal Albums Of The 2000s - Ranked

10. Lamb Of God – Ashes Of The Wake

Ashes Of The Wake is Lamb Of God at their very best. The albums song writing was catchy and memorable, showing the band’s brutal, no-nonsense lyrical style.

Above all else, the vocal work of frontman Randy Blythe must be commended for it's sheer force, blending well with the band’s riff heavy nature to create some of the heaviest un-clean vocal tracks the genre has ever seen. Chris Adler’s drum work is also first class, gelling well with the previously mentioned elements.

The record also received praise from critics, stating their approval for Blythe in particular, which likely helped it reach #11 in the United Kingdom rock chart, along with the assistance of singles Laid To Rest, and Now You’ve Got Something To Die For.

Another little known highlight is the inclusion of Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick, and former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland on the album’s title track, playing the second and third solos respectively.


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