10 Best Metal Music Videos Of All Time

The best of heavy metal's strange visions...

Warner Bros

Metal was always designed as a genre that could scare you to death. Even if the main crux of the intention was to have a good time, the sheer volume behind the music would never fail to make the hairs on your arm stand up on edge. However, the real artists behind these songs are able to take their music and transfer it over to the visual medium.

As metal has evolved over the years, the style has shifted to include different facets from hair metal to nu-metal and everything in between. This caused the subject matter of each song to drastically change from tales of the macabre to partying, rebellion, or just mindless odes to rock and roll. Whether it be about having fun, standing up to authority, or just telling a story, these bands use the music video as an opportunity to experiment with how they bring across their message.


Utilizing everything from animation to cutting-edge effects, each of these music videos became mini-movies as they preached the unholy gospel of all things metal. As if the music wasn't enough, these videos really brought the true theatricality to these heavy tunes.

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