10 Best New Heavy Metal Bands Of 2018

9. Leeched

Leeched’s music is the soundtrack to a chainsaw-wielding psychopath slicing up your entire family right in front of you. The incessant, pummelling grindcore of their debut album, You Took the Sun When You Left, is the newest chapter in the UK’s continuing obsession with brutal, disgusting, hardcore-tinged deathliness, which has been finding ongoing acclaim since the brash arrival of Venom Prison in 2016.

Leeched tap into modern metal sensibilities with their quick, brief, down-tuned and manic tracks, but do not be fooled into thinking that they are merely riders of the zeitgeist. There are no gimmicks to be found here, just pure destruction on an apocalyptic scale, inspired only by the whirring, industrial clatter of the factories of Manchester.

You Took the Sun When You Left is 34 minutes of harshness, with everything from the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it conciseness of “Rope” to the ungodly six minutes of “Harrow the Pastures” all steely-eyed as they set out to achieve the same sense of cathartic intensity. It’s a debut album destined to get any listener stood up on their feet in moments, flailing their arms about wildly as they use Leeched as an outlet to expel them of any negativity pent up inside.

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