10 Best Number One Rock Albums Of The 2000s

A fresh millennium brought with it plenty of fresh sounds.

Radiohead Kid A

As the world braced itself for the dawning of a new millennium, fans of rock music took a look at the charts of the 1990s and pondered over what would survive into the noughties.

Would grunge make a comeback after its all-too-brief conquest of mainstream music? Would pop punk continue to enthral and delight the youth of a new age? And would Americans ever stop buying the albums of Bruce Springsteen?

The answers - well, you'll just have to find out, won't you.

For this list, chart-topping rock albums in the United States of America are once again on the menu. Any record that spent at least one week atop the Billboard 200 is fair game in this attempt to decide what was the best the genre had to offer.

The 2000s might be the most varied decade to date in this series, so expect to see a wide range of artists coming your way, including some you may not have thought about for over 20 years.

Nevertheless, they are all bangers and all deserved their moments in their sun, no matter how short-lived they were.

10. Infinity On High - Fall Out Boy

For as popular as they were in the noughties, alternative heartthrobs Fall Out Boy only got to the top of their native charts once in the entire decade.

This was thanks to their third album, Infinity on High, which came out in 2007. With an opening song featuring Jay-Z and a music video featuring Kim Kardashian, this was a sign that the boys had been accepted by the wider pop culture world. That, or they'd sold out, you decide.

Alongside the aforementioned Kardashian song (Thnks fr the Mmrs) and the Jay-Z opener (Thriller), this album contained fan favourites like The Take Over, the Breaks Over, and another classic of the era, This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race. If it doesn't have some sort of punctuation in the title, is it even a Fall Out Boy song?

These great tunes and plenty more helped get the album to number one for a single week in February '07. They wouldn't return to the top spot until their comeback album in 2013, cos the word clearly wasn't ready for their poetic take on pop punk in the 2000s.

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